• VelectriX eBikes began as an electric bike manufacturer on the Sunshine Coast, Australia over 10 years ago. Our love of eBikes began as a passion for all things eco-friendly. Witnessing a spike in interest for emission-free transport, we were swept up in the growing community of eBike lovers. Our mission quickly evolved into creating a cost-effective alternative for daily commutes or weekend adventures.

    Over the years, we have dedicated ourselves to continuous innovation and have strived to create a top-tier eBike brand with superior design and performance. Our commitment to designing and developing unparalleled eBikes has transformed VelectriX from a small business to a powerful competitor within the e-bicycle industry.

  • Although VelectriX has evolved over the years, we continue to maintain our small business spirit, keeping our customers at the heart of everything we do. All our electric bicycles are conceptualised, designed and tested in Australia with you in focus. As a brand, we’re still devoted to providing our riders with cutting edge e-bikes that can withstand all conditions at an affordable price. 

    Our history has shaped the company that we are today and now, our focus is on the future. We’ll continue to keep our small business roots at heart and will always dedicated ourselves to providing our customers with exceptional riding experiences. We’re committed to continuously improving our craft and creating the next generation of electric bikes.